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What Is The Energy Enhancement System?

The Future Is Here

The ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM Combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness, and self-actualization.

Energy Enhancement System (EESystem)™

Utilizes advanced technology based on scalar waves to generate a dynamic energy field that envelops the body. This field interacts with cells, tissues, and energy systems, working to facilitate healing, restore balance, and enhance overall well-being.

This innovative system produces bio-active energy fields known as scalar waves or scalar vortex. These fields, when combined with the bio-photons (light) emitted from the EES screens, create a powerful interaction with the body's DNA matrix.  

For more information on the EESystem™, click the link below and you will be redirected to the official website. 

EES Inventor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael 
Explains the Science
Tony Robbins EESystem Testimonial
From Skeptic to Believer

Testimonials for EESystem™

In 2017 my car was struck on the freeway by another car traveling 80mph. The impact left me with multiple soft tissue injuries and lack of mobility due to pain and various tissue damages. I visited a chiropractor weekly with no long term relief due to muscle and cellular memory.

After attending overnight sessions at the beautiful 40 unit Ascended Wellness Scaler System, my chiropractor could not believe my unexpected results. Improved flexibility and mobility was off the charts. My body suddenly responded to treatment and my muscle memory became a blank slate; ready to renew and maintain adjustments.

Tonya R 

You could do this !:). I never knew what the scalar had in store for me. I had an abscess tooth, and they wanted to do a root canal and crown. The infection is gone without antibiotics!! and have been able to finally chew on that side of my mouth. Waiting for an implant on the other side. So nice to finally have a salad!


I've been sleeping without my C-Pap and oxygen. I no longer need to wear my glasses and am still pain free. It’s so powerful after healing my hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's you forget all the miraculous small miracles taking place through out your body.

Michelle B

I spent 2 hours with 3 friends in the Energy-Light-Center in Linnich, Germany. We all felt the beautiful energy immediately, but the one who had the most pain was just overwhelmed: He could quickly fall asleep, which is rarely the case. After getting up, his knee pains were gone, his shoulder pain was gone, back pain was gone, the flashes in his right eye were gone, the constant cough he had was much less, his upset digestion was again in order. The 3h-drive home he was much more concentrated than for a long time, and he took a salt-bath to detox. His body was responding a bit harshly. The detoxing resulted in vomiting 3 times... yet he felt even better afterwards. He is determined to return.

Joerg Christian M

I visited about 2 months ago. My experience was a miracle. I had a back spasm. And tried 6 to 7 other modalities to no avail.
I went to a 2 hour EES session, after this amazing relaxing session my back was completely healed. I would highly recommend this modality at EES Bastrop. Wonderful staff.

Best John 

John J

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Experience EESystem

What To Expect

Before, During, and After Your Session

To have the best experience, please click on the tabs below and review the information carefully. If there are further questions, don't hesitate to ask. 


  • Secure your spot by using our convenient online booking platform. Choose a time that suits you best to begin your wellness journey. We recommend a 2 Hour Initial Visit and a 20-30 Hour cumulative base.  New clients can take advantage of our New Client Offer:  Buy 1 Hour, Get 1 Hour Free. BOOK NOW

  • We kindly request that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session. There are 2 chairs in the waiting area and one unisex restroom. 

  • Proper hydration is key to maximizing the benefits of your session. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after each visit. Hydrated bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal. Bring your water bottle and have it energy charged during the session. We have a water fountain in the meditation room and energized water for sale. 

  • Opt for comfortable, layered clothing to enhance your relaxation. As your body unwinds, it's natural for your temperature to cool down, so being prepared with layers is a great idea. We will supply small blankets or bring your own. For overnight sessions, please bring your own bedding. We sell eye / sleeping masks. 

  • To create a serene atmosphere, we kindly ask that you remove your street shoes upon entry. Complimentary clean slippers are provided for your comfort. If you tend to feel chilly, we will supply small blankets or bring your own. If desired, a sleep mask can enhance your sense of tranquility, you may bring your own or purchase one from us. 

  • Our tranquil setting features dim lighting to promote relaxation. If you prefer complete darkness, you're welcome to bring a sleep mask or purchase one in our store. 

  • To create a focused and distraction-free atmosphere, we encourage you to treat the Organized Energy Center as a "No Cell Phone Zone." If you'd like to enjoy your personal music during your session, bring your own headphones and switch your phone to airplane mode, or even a journal to write down your thoughts and intentions for your session.​

  • Conveniently located on the first floor, we have one unisex bathroom and recommend using these facilities before entering your session.

  • To accommodate all of our guests, we kindly ask that you refrain from using heavy perfumes or oils. Some individuals are sensitive to strong scents, and your consideration is greatly appreciated.


To ensure you continue to reap the benefits of your experience, please follow these post-session recommendations.

  • Optimal performance requires proper nutrition. Prioritize well-rounded meals and avoid excessive consumption of processed foods and alcohol. 

  • Maintain your hydration levels by drinking ample water. This helps flush toxins from your system and supports your body's natural detoxification processes.

  • Many guests feel deeply relaxed and peaceful both during and after their Energy Enhancement (EES) Session. Others may experience detox symptoms such as a mild headache, brain fog, or aches in areas of weakness. Such symptoms are generally temporary and signify that your sessions are working to cleanse your body.​

  • Detoxification is an integral part of the healing journey. Be prepared for this natural process and continue to support it for optimal results. To prevent a detox-related headache, it's important to continue detoxing after each session.

  • Your skin, being the body's largest organ, plays a significant role in detoxification. After each session, we strongly recommend a Detox using the EESalt. Available for purchase in our lobby. 

  • EESystem medallions and bracelets, are infused with self-regenerating scalar field effects, and are available for purchase at the front desk. Experience the benefits of scalar technology at home and extend your wellness journey beyond our center.

  • As you continue your wellness journey, remember that the effects of each session accumulate over time over a 20-30 hour cumulative base. Your dedication to these recommendations will contribute to a more vibrant and balanced life. We're here to support your ongoing growth and well-being.


  • We encourage you to infuse your session with intention. Visualize your desired outcomes and pair them with emotions like gratitude and compassion. This synergistic approach can deepen your experience and contribute to your overall well-being.

  • To foster an atmosphere of tranquility, we kindly request that you refrain from using cell phones, electronics, or personal lights within the session room. Should you encounter an emergency requiring phone use, we ask that you step outside the facility to make your call. Please ensure phones within the room are set to airplane mode to respect others' experience.

  • We value a quiet and serene environment. Please be mindful of your fellow guests by minimizing noise and disturbances, allowing everyone to fully immerse themselves in their practice. Feel free to connect with others after sessions conclude.

  • To maintain a serene environment, we request that no food be consumed at the Organized Energy Center. 

  • Your body's healing potential is maximized when you are in a state of complete relaxation. Consider closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift into restorative sleep during your session. This can facilitate the activation of delta and theta brainwave states, further enhancing the healing process.

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The information and services listed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or heal. Consult your physician regarding issues related to your health. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care provider before using these services. PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY.  VIEW DISCLAIMER

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